Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Book Review: "Unwrapping the Pharaohs"

Co-authors John Ashton and David Down present ancient Egypt as it has never been seen before in their collaboration "Unwrapping the Pharaohs: How Egyptian Archeology Confirms the Biblical Timeline." Included with the book is an interesting 86-minute DVD titled "Digging Up the Past."

Within the first few pages, two maps are offered; one that depicts major ancient Egyptian cities and pyramid placement in the days of the Pharaohs and also a modern-day map of Egypt for comparison. The introduction to the book follows and this section captures the essence of the point of the work: to use factual evidence from the oldest continuous civilization to corroborate Biblical fact. Using an easy-to-understand conversational tone, Ashton and Down reach a wide audience with interesting facts and wonderful color photographs.

Organized in chronological chapters, the authors first look at the pyramids and mummies that fascinate people of all ages. The book continues through the dynasties of the pharaohs and ends with the chapter "The Pharaohs of the Bible" which names some of the unnamed Egyptian pharaohs and dignitaries mentioned in the Old Testament.

Dynamic full-color pictures and writing style aside, "Unwrapping the Pharaohs" is a well-documented book that links the stories of the Old Testament to the facts preserved on Ancient Egyptian artifacts. It further solidifies that the Bible is a viable source of truth.