Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Book Review: "Creation and the Second Coming"

Dr. Henry Morris, who was an esteemed expert and author on creationism, connected the facts of creation from Genesis with the prophecies that point to the second coming of Christ in his book "Creation and the Second Coming." Dr. Morris highlights the importance of looking at scripture as a whole in order to more fully grasp and appreciate the events that are leading to Christ's return.

Like other doctrinally-sound books on end times prophecy, Dr. Morris explained the specific events that are to happen before the triumphal return of Christ. Unlike the aforementioned types of books, Dr. Morris linked these prophetic truths to the very beginning of creation and explains that God has a plan that was put into motion at the very beginning of time.

I found "Creation and the Second Coming" not only an insanely-interesting read, but an important book to pass on to other Christians. Prophecy makes more sense when understood within the context of God's grand scheme. It's both refreshing and reassuring!

Book Review: "The Beginning of the World: A Scientific Study of Genesis 1-11"

Dr. Henry Morris, who was a fervent champion of creationism and revered author, outdid himself with his book "The Beginning of the World: A Scientific Study of Genesis 1-11." The book challenges modern science and those who seek to change scripture to fit theory.

In 13 chapters, Dr. Morris examined Genesis 1-11 to showcase the truths of biblical creationism while simultaneously exposing the hypocrisy of highly regarded scientific theories--specifically the Theory of Evolution. At the end of each chapter, appropriate study questions are posed to the reader which help to solidify the truths of that particular chapter.

Written in an easy-to-understand way, I would suggest "The Beginning of the World" to any young adult or older adult who wishes to learn more about those vital first chapters of Genesis as a way to counter the theories society so readily accepts as truths.

Book Review: "D Is For Dinosaur: A Rhyme Book and More"

Ken and Mally Ham, authors of "D Is For Dinosaurs" have written a wonderful book useful for parents or teachers who want to instruct children about the biblical basis for dinosaurs. A hardbound book with engaging illustrations, "D Is For Dinosaurs" uses the alphabet as a way to teach truths about the origins of the dinosaurs from a Christian perspective.

The book is cleverly broken up into sections that attract the attention of any age. The first part of the book goes through the alphabet to demonstrate basic truths about dinosaurs and creation, paired with bright, attractive illustrations. The second part of the book mimics the first part, but includes useful and insightful notes for teachers and parents that point to scripture as a basis for the idea on a specific page. The Ham's also offer ideas for activities parents and teachers can use to engage children further. The illustrations in the second part of the book are left blank for smaller children to color!

My small children enjoy looking through and using "D Is For Dinosaur" and I would recommend this book to any parent or teacher who wishes to teach these biblical truths to the children they know.