Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Book Review: "Creation and the Second Coming"

Dr. Henry Morris, who was an esteemed expert and author on creationism, connected the facts of creation from Genesis with the prophecies that point to the second coming of Christ in his book "Creation and the Second Coming." Dr. Morris highlights the importance of looking at scripture as a whole in order to more fully grasp and appreciate the events that are leading to Christ's return.

Like other doctrinally-sound books on end times prophecy, Dr. Morris explained the specific events that are to happen before the triumphal return of Christ. Unlike the aforementioned types of books, Dr. Morris linked these prophetic truths to the very beginning of creation and explains that God has a plan that was put into motion at the very beginning of time.

I found "Creation and the Second Coming" not only an insanely-interesting read, but an important book to pass on to other Christians. Prophecy makes more sense when understood within the context of God's grand scheme. It's both refreshing and reassuring!