Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Book Review: "True For You But Not For Me"

Paul Copan presents several strategies for Christians to share the message of the Gospel with confidence in his work "True For You But Not For Me." Broken into chapters that answer specific objections to the tenets of Christianity, Copan delves deeply into Christian doctrine to offer Christians solid answers based on biblical truth.

I appreciate the way Copan presents the facts in each chapter and includes a summary of bullet points that sum up the main points of the chapter. More importantly, Copan relies on and provides Scripture references throughout the book which provides Biblical proof for his points.

I recommend Paul Copan's insightful book "True For You But Not For Me" as necessary reading for Christians of all ages. The book offers solid answers to the skeptics who challenge the truths of Christianity.

Book Review: "Religions of the Stars"

Author Richard Abanes delves into the different beliefs of the mega-stars of today in his work "Religions of the Stars." A Christian, Abanes compares the core values of religions such as Scientology, Buddhism, Mormonism and the occult to Christianity to illustrate the short-comings of non-Christian belief systems.

The chapters focus on one form of religion at a time and Abanes offers an in depth explanation of the core beliefs of each religion and the names of the stars who follow the specific set of beliefs. An eye-opening book, "Religions of the Stars" is a well-documented work written in an easy-to-read conversational style.

For a well-rounded education on the popular religions today and how they fall short when compared to the truths of Christianity, I highly suggest "Religions of the Stars" as an informative, entertaining read.

Book Review: "The Chronology of the Old Testament"

Dr. Floyd Nolen Jones presents a well-documented and detailed timeline of OT events in his work "The Chronology of the Old Testament." A proponent of the absolute validity of the Bible, Jones uses the archaeological records of the Egyptians, Assyrians and other ancient superpowers to illustrate the truths of the Biblical timeline.

The beginning of the book establishes the foundation for the Old Testament chronology that Jones presents. He bases his chronological findings on the accuracy of Hebrew text and the historic records of well-documented ancient civilizations that co-existed at the time the Hebrew text was written. Jones then presents 6 charts that focus on subjects such as the generations of of the Bible up to Jesus, the pharaohs documented in the OT and a detailed chronology of David. A CD is included with the book that offers the charts in a large format. Appendices at the end of the book offer a valuable reference for important dates in the Old Testament and the different calendar years of the Bible.

"The Chronology of the Old Testament" presents well-documented, detailed information that supports a solid and valid chronology as presented in the Bible.