Friday, May 8, 2009

If I had a million dollars...

I think I would be miserable.

And many people would probably label me as insane, but I don't play the lottery and I actually wouldn't want to win the lottery (at least a big jackpot, anyway!) Why? Maybe it's a self-control thing. What would I buy with the money? Probably a bunch of self-gratifying, frivolous things. Knowing myself, I would most assuredly give some money to my church and other charities that I champion. But also knowing myself, I'd probably be enamored with the money and the stuff it could get me.

Not a very high opinion of myself, you say? I think that large quantities of money can turn anyone into someone they never thought they'd become. People say that money is the root of all evil. Let's face it: we need money to live. I think a word is missing. The *excessive* love of money is the true culprit. When money becomes the focus, everything else loses out. Family, friends, responsibility--and most important--God. When money becomes our god, everything else is going to fall apart. Money can buy you things, but it won't bring lasting peace. Only Jesus fulfill that yearning in our hearts.

So if I had a million dollars, I'd probably look better, live in a bigger house and drive a newer car. But I wouldn't be me. And I like my sales-rack wearing, smaller-house living, affordable-car driving self just the way that I am.

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