Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Book Review: "The Bible Comes Alive" by Clifford and Barbara Wilson

With fascinating pictures and commentary, the third volume of "The Bible Comes Alive" series focuses on the reign of Solomon. Clifford and Barbara Wilson present archaeological evidence that strongly supports the events of the Bible, which makes it difficult for scientists to refute biblical claims. The authors write in a conversational yet authoritative tone that makes understanding archaeological and biblical facts and artifacts easy to digest for the average reader.

I particularly enjoyed delving into the cultural, artistic and belief systems of the super-powers of Solomon's day: the Babylonians, Assyrians and Egyptians. It was fascinating to read how the authors--and other bible-based archaeologists--were able to use written records and artistic renditions to prove that events in the Old Testament are relevant and true.

This book would be perfect for use as a text for a "Bible-as-History" class or in the private collections of anyone who wishes to learn more about the truth of the Old Testament.


Anonymous said...

I can understand what you are saying, however my God (and yours) is a huge and mighty God that ministers to us in many ways. His word is soverign and the bible should be his ultimate truth. God has called many and many to hear his voice and use it to minister to others. On Jan. 20, 2010 my company annouced a 5% workforce reduction with half (200 people) of those being let go by Feb. 28. When turning to that devotion for the day, I cannot help but know my God is talking directly into my spirit. I have been given such a peace about this circumstance that I am faced with. With the peace of God and my eyes on him he will see me through this no matter what. So by reading each day and then to back it by scripture has made a difference in my walk along with a dozen or so other ladies who are faced with the same thing. I am peacefully resting in his arms and I am thankful that Sarah heard His voice that she was choosen to pin the voice of Jesus to paper and share it. Many blessings to you with love and kindness.

Anonymous said...

Sad when a person likes to use someone else to try and sell a book! It is very obvious what Angela is trying to do. Put someone down so she can climb on. Best way is to let God lead like the Sarah did. She didn't need to condemn someone else to get someone to read about her! Very shocking that someone would bow that low.