Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Clarence Wagner's "Fascinating Facts About Israel"

"Fascinating Facts About Israel" by Clarence Wagner is an in-depth look at the historical and Biblical significance of the land promised to God's chosen people. Both informative and intriguing, this book delves into facts about the geographical significance of Israel, the struggle of the Jewish population across the world to secure Israel as their homeland and God's unfailing covenant with His people that has stood--and will stand--the test of time.

Broken down into individual, expanded points, the book is further organized into chapters. The reader can either read a point per day, jump from chapter to chapter or read the book its entirety. I began reading the first points in the chapter titled "The Location of the Land" and was held captive until the 365th point in the final chapter which focuses on Israel today. I was introduced to facts about Israel that I had not known before and was particularly excited to read about Israel and prophecy.

Upon reading this book, I've learned a great deal more about God's chosen people, the unbreakable covenant He made with them and how blessed I am to have been included in that covenant through my faith in Jesus Christ. I thoroughly enjoyed this book!

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