Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dr. David Reagan's "Wrath and Glory"--a review

In "Wrath and Glory," Dr. David Reagan--a well-known, well-respected authority on the Book of Revelation and prophecy in general--offers an in-depth examination of the Book of Revelation. Presented in logical steps, Dr. Reagan uses a plethora of scripture references presented in an easy-to-understand writing style to unravel the puzzle of the Book of Revelations for the average reader.

Dr. Reagan begins the book by describing the significance and importance of the Book of Revelations. He also delves into the different viewpoints various sects of people have used to interpret the book. At the end of the opening chapter, he challenges the audience to read the Book of Revelation in one sitting before continuing to the next chapter, "Interpreting Revelation."

The most interesting aspect of this book for me was Dr. Reagan's scripturaly-based and logical interpretation of the chapters of Revelation. After reading the Book of Revelation as he had suggested, I was able to identify and follow his interpretations much more easily had I not read Revelation myself.

The book looks at how religious and secular figures and groups have viewed and interpreted the Book of Revelation throughout history and in the present day. Dr. Reagan also addresses some common questions he has been asked about Revelation in the chapter titled "Probing Revelation." Finally, Dr. Reagan addresses how to apply the Book of Revelation in our Christian lifestyle; how the Book of Revelation proclaims God's impending wrath on the unrepentant and His blessings and glory for those who choose to fear Him and follow His path.

To the unsaved, the Book of Revelation is horror; to those born-again in Christ, it is hope. This book is a wonderful read and an appropriate reference book and tool for the private collections of all Christians.

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