Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dateline Jerusalem--a book review

Zola Levitt was a Jewish believer in Jesus Christ and remains an internationally-known and respected authority on the past, present and future of Israel and how Israel is closely tied into end times prophecy. In his book "Dateline Jerusalem," Levitt relies on scripture and experience to illustrate the importance of Israel and how God will fulfill His covenant with His chosen people in the Promised Land.

Zola Levitt writes in a conversational style that makes Dateline Jerusalem easy to understand and read in one sitting, time permitting. He does not sugar-coat his views on Muslims and the struggle between Israel and the Arab world in general. Likewise, Levitt calls out Christians who disregard Israel as playing a major role in end times prophecy; these kinds of Christians who believe that God will not fulfill the covenant He made with Israel in the beginning. Bible-believing Christians, however, understand that God keeps His promises; the covenant with Israel will surely be fulfilled.

This book is appropriate reading for any person who wants to know the truth about God's plan for Israel, Israel's relations with the Arabs and end time prophecy in general.

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