Monday, July 6, 2009

Giving God our scraps

I've been guilty of treating my personal time with God like a receptionist who makes appointments. Okay, first I have to get the kids fed and dressed, go to the gym, run to the store and make lunch. Then I'll squeeze in some time to work on Bible Study lessons and then it's off to the library....

We all do it. We squeeze God in like He's a burden. How horrible a notion to write down here in this blog, let alone live on a daily basis. We have stacks of devotionals that we read at certain times of the day and we tell ourselves that those short, happy little readings count as our Bible time for the day. And I have nothing against devotionals (at least most of them!) because they do offer reflections on scripture that we might not conceive on our own.

But what happened to just picking up the Bible and reading it?? I've found that when I make special time for God in my day and just read His Word, it's like food for my soul. So nourishing that I think to myself "why don't I do this everyday?? That was great!!"

Why do we give God our scraps of time when He deserves our very best time?? Because we have our favorite shows to watch, best sellers to read, chores to do and hobbies to entertain. Of course, we'll make time when we want or need something. Instead of watching our favorite shows that night, we can just dvr them...

My ultimate point is this: make a concerted effort to give God your very best time of day to praise and worship Him!! For me, it's the morning. Once a cup or two of coffee is in me, I'm ready to go!

Consider this, too. God didn't give us His scraps when he offered Jesus as payment of our sin debt--He gave the world His very best. He deserves our very best, too.


Kristi said...

:) Thanks for this, friend - it's a great challenge to me and also encouraging to see how God is speaking through His Word into your life!!

Michelle said...

Boy this is convicting! I'll try to keep this in mind & do better. Thanks Angela.

Kathryn said...

Hey! I found your blog through the Christian women bloggers network group on Facebook! Your post really caught my eye!

It's so true how we do that! You really took the words right from my own thoughts! I don't want spending time with God, something I squeeze in! And I agree with you about the devotional thing, its nice to have that but so many people use that instead of the Bible. It is supposed to be a tool, not a substitute!

Thanks so much! I look forward to reading more! :)