Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tish Rabe's "The I Believe Bunny"

"The I Believe Bunny" is the the first book in a series by Tish Rabe that introduces faith-in-action scenarios to young readers. Rabe uses a sing-song rhyming technique that made the story flow wonderfully while maintaining the attention of my young sons. Illustrated by Frank Endersby, the characters in "The I Believe Bunny" are beautifully drawn.

The I Believe Bunny--who stars in the book series--has a strong faith in God. As the I Believe Bunny is enjoying a stroll in the woods during a rain shower, he hears a cry for help. A little mouse had fallen in the river and needed help fast. I Believe Bunny knows he needs to help the mouse but doesn't know how. What does he do first? He tries to rescue the mouse to no avail. And then he wises up and he prays. He prays to God for help. A moment after his heartfelt prayer, friends arrive who help I Believe Bunny save the little mouse.

Tish Rabe does a wonderful job teaching how to put faith into action--to pray to God for the strength to act. This book is written for children, but adults can benefit from its simple yet powerful lesson, too.

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